Thank you for visiting our website. We would like to take you to the worlds of the Totomboti foundation from the marronvillage¹) Pikienslee in Suriname and the Totomboti support group based in the Netherlands.

The Totomboti Foundation
The Totomboti foundation consists of a group of 5 men who keep themselves busy with making functional artwork made out of wood. The foundation also supports initiatives that are of utmost importance to the development of the village, for example female organization, education and public supplies. The village Pikienslee is a marronvillage, found in the area of the Saramaccaners²) in the southern part of the inland of Suriname.

The artists create their pieces through primitive circumstances and would really love an equal opportunity like any other artist to be able to sell their products on a normal market. A fair competition: always and everywhere. This private initiative needs your support for the durable development of their work.

The Totomboti Support Group Association 's-Hertogenbosch (CoC17.18.97.10) in the Netherlands strives to help and support the artists. With promotion, tools, a workshop and means of transport they try to help the artists getting their pieces of work out of the forest. Because due to bad infrastructure, bad means of communication and the isolated position of the village the art pieces are having a hard time leaving the forest. Support Group Totombotie wants to bring the many treasures of the forest to the outside world and make selling these treasures possible, but this is impossible without your help. Help that directly assists the artists. Honest support for honest art.

You can support the Totomboti Foundation by:
  • Depositing a one-time financial sum on the giro account 19.26.627 on name of Steungroep Totomboti.
  • Sponsoring.
  • Donation.
  • Volunteering labor and/or services through advice, organizing activities, organization, fund recruitment, promoting, communication and networking. You can even become a member!

We would like to take you on a trip through our website to meet and get to know our interesting activities and fascinating project. Take a look in the kitchen of our organization.

¹) Marrons: The slaves from Africa, who withdrew themselves of the inhuman treatment and cruel authority of the colonial rulers by running into the forest. They often came back to attack the plantations and freeing other slaves.
²) Saramaccaners: descendants of the Marrons who now live in villages along the (upper) Suriname River

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